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Smoking and Your Health

Most people associate cigarette smoking and tobacco use with breathing problems and lung cancer. But smoking is also a major cause of cardiovascular …[Read More)

Lowering Cholesterol Through Your Diet

Eating healthy often means making changes in your current eating habits. A registered dietitian can provide in-depth personalized nutrition education … [Read More]

Diet & Diabetes

You can make a different in your blood glucose control. To keep your blood glucose levels within goal range, you need to balance your food, diabetes … [Read More]

Bacterial vs. Viral/ Respiratory Tract Infections

Although disease-causing bacteria and viruses cause many common infections, these organisms are not the same. Bacteria can live and are found both … [Read More]

High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

The heart pumps blood into the arteries (blood vessels), which carry the blood throughout the body. Blood pressure is the force of pressure of blood … [Read More]

Hypertension: Frequently Asked Questions

While the causes of hypertension in most people remain unclear, a variety of conditions and states-such as getting little or no exercise, poor diet … [Read More]

What to do About the Flu

Influenza is a respiratory infection caused by a virus (germ). Influenza occurs most often during the winter and easily spreads from person to person … [Read More] 

Breast Cancer in Young Women

Younger women generally do not consider themselves to be at risk for breast cancer. Only 5 percent of all breast cancers cases ocurred in women under 40 … [ Read More]

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease in which an abnormal, uncontrolled growth of cells occurs in the tissue of the lungs. The lungs are the breathing organs … [Read More]

Urinary Tract Infections

Normal urine contains no bacteria (germs). Sometimes, however, bacteria from outside the body get into the urinary tract, and cause infection and … [Read More]


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