Your Visit

At UCA, our patients are always our top priority. We provide convenient, fast and affordable urgent medical care.

Our center is open daily, far beyond the usual physician hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year, evenings, weekends and holidays, with a qualified licensed physician always onsite.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Understanding how services are provided will help you make the most of your visit.

When you arrive at UCA, expect a friendly welcome. We see all our patients on a walk-in basis; no appointments are necessary.

First, check in with the front desk. If you began the pre-registration process online, we will simply need your signature. However, we will need to verify your information. Please remember to bring your photo ID and any insurance card (if applicable). If you did not pre-register online; you will be asked to complete the necessary registration forms.

Once your forms are complete, you will be entered into our medical records system for the next available medical consultation. This allows our physicians to review your information thoroughly and efficiently in preparation for your consultation.

When your name is called, our nurse will show you to an examination room, take your vital signs, and complement any required information if necessary.

After reviewing your records, the doctor will discuss the information with you and complete an exam based on your illness or injury. The exam may involve such additional steps as laboratory testing or medical imaging, which can be completed on-site.

If your recommended treatment requires a prescription, you will then be directed to the corresponding pharmacy of choice.  There are two (2) pharmacies located nearby, and another within half a mile of our facility.

After a brief checkout at the front desk you will be on your way home or hotel, in most cases within less than an hour from your arrival time.

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