Mission, Vision and Values


  • To offer affordable, high quality professional healthcare, applying the latest procedures and available technology.
  • To offer accessibility to our patients in a comfortable and convenient environment.


  • To be recognized in Aruba as a healthcare innovator through our:
    • Emphasis on the necessities of our patients;
    • Devotion to surpassing expectations;
    • Our pledge to providing affordable, high quality healthcare.
  • To be valued by our stakeholders, practitioners, and staff.
  • To be respected within the healthcare industry.



  • We believe that our patients and their family deserve the best healthcare experience that we can offer in Aruba.
  • We are dedicated to offering a confident experience for every patient we attend.


  • Healthcare services should be inexpensive, realistic, and reachable for all.
  • We will offer a variety of payments options to our patients and their families for the services received.
  • Each patient should be offered care that can be provided within our urgent care center without any sort of discrimination.


  • We honor the self-esteem and value of each and every person.
  • Our patients can count on us to repeatedly do our best to meet their healthcare needs.


  • Our family physicians, general physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and partners are the foundation of our success.
  • We are devoted to offering a work environment that allows us to achieve our professional commitment, as well as our personal responsibilities to the Aruban community and our international visitors.


  • We consider that additional information means more alternatives, more liberty, and eventually more authority for the individual.
  • We believe in transparent interactions between our customers, suppliers, establishments and governmental bodies.
  • We are committed to keeping an achievable interaction with our patients concerning their care, treatment possibilities, status, timelines, cost approximations, billing procedures and payment alternatives.

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