Why use UCA?

Our Facility

  • Our center has an ample clinical office space, and 7 consultation rooms, which equates to shorter wait times even during the busiest seasons.
  • Our waiting area consists of comfortable seating arranged around several television viewing areas, and free wireless internet access, computer station and coffee/ snack bar.
  • Waiting children will be entertained in their own separate area with diversions ranging from tabletop toys for the toddlers.


  • The center has full wheelchair accessibility.
  • The center has ample on-site parking.


  • Whether at home or in the workplace, injuries, and illnesses never seem to happen at a convenient time. We are open seven days a week and after regular business hours.
  • An appointment is not necessary; you may walk in anytime during our hours and be seen within minutes.
  • We offer the convenience of web check-in via our website (click here).


  • UCA  offers a clear, affordable way to manage health care costs for you and your family.


  • Our clinic is equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology available to ensure you receive the most advanced and comprehensive care available.
  • UCA uses electronic medical record (EMR) system. This technology allows us to rapidly assemble a comprehensive record for your visit, prescribe medications and studies necessary for your treatment, and if desired, able to relay the visit record to your primary care physician.
  • We incorporate the latest in clinical laboratory services and ultrasound, and expect to complement our services in the near future with digital x-ray technology, allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive one-stop medical services available in this setting.


  • Our staff is individually handpicked, through a selective interview process, and chosen upon there proven caring and compassionate service to others.
  • Our staff is rewarded based on the customer service rating they achieve by taking care of you.
  • We provide compassionate medical care and treat our patients as we would our own friends and family.

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